Hello there it’s that time of the year again… Save the date season.  As you prepare for your 2014 wedding, it is time to send out “Save the date” cards to announce your Wedding day to family and friends. Hope you enjoy reading through the tidbits of information I have to share on the “Save the date” cards and their importance.

When or why should you send “Save the date” cards?

  1. Save the dates should be sent 6-9 months before the wedding to inform your guests of your intended wedding dates.
  2. Send Save the date cards if your wedding is during the summer months, which is usually a busy time for vacation and travel. You want to make sure your guests can add your event to their calendar as well as plan ahead for their expenses (flights and hotels costs).
  3.  If you have been engaged for over 15 months, it is a good way to remind guests that you intend to marry at the specific date.
  4. As much as the Save the date is needed, your budget will determine if this is a necessary choice for you.

Choosing your “Save the date” card design depends on your style, budget and the vision for your special day. As a prelude to the main announcement for your wedding (the Invitation), your save the dates can be simple postcards with pictures from your engagement session, playful and unique options to the traditional cards (magnets, concert ticket-style cards), or elegant luxe designs to set the tone for your day.

No matter the design choice, below is a short list of information that is needed on  the save the date cards.

  1. Couples names: this helps introduce the couple to guests that may not know them closely (last names not necessary).
  2. Wedding Date: This is very important and should be clearly stated.
  3. City and state of Wedding: This helps guests plan ahead, so they know if they need to fly down and also figure out hotel room reservations/costs.
  4. A note letting guests know that formal invitations will follow- let’s your guests know that a more invitation with specific details pertaining to the event will be sent later.

Hopefully these bits of information will be helpful  as you consider sending out your “Save the date” cards. Please check out our other blog post on save the date cards  and pictures of some of our Save the date card designs below and in our “Additional Paper goods” gallery. Till next time.


Alero Odele

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