Hello once again. For our sophomore blog I want to talk about something dear to my heart….the environment. Nowadays we all have to keep the environment on our minds. As we go through the day, it is our responsibility to  limit our carbon footprint. Being a paper print and graphic designer, I am always looking for ways to use eco-friendly materials or minimalistic ideas that make use of as little as possible. When looking to design your eco-friendly wedding stationery, look for ideas and materials that help minimize your impact on the environment.

When ordering your wedding invitations remember that your guest list is made up of couples, who should only get one invitation thereby cutting the number of invitations needed down by half. The bridal party and  close family members probably do not need invitations, as they are usually closely involved with the wedding planning; this will also reduce cost overall.

For your church or ceremony program, a good thing to keep in mind is that not everyone will make it to the wedding ceremony for various reasons. I always tell my clients to order no more than 60% of the number of expected guests. So if you have 200 guests expected at the reception, 120 ceremony programs is more than enough. Some of your guests are couples and would not mind sharing a program.

Now that we’ve talked about quantity, how about design? In actuality there are many beautiful, unique eco-friendly ideas out there for your wedding invitation or stationery; using recycled papers that are Forest Stewardship Council certified (FSC), chlorine and acid free. The papers come in matte, metallic, linen or textured patterns  so you don’t have to sacrifice variety to be eco-friendly.  You can also have the stationery designed using as little paper as possible either going with flatcards or smaller sized stationery that help minimize your paper usage.

At Vividesigns we  can deliver the products you want, at the right prices, while doing it in a way that respects the environment and global resources we consume.

We use papers that are:

FSC certified  as 100% post consumer recycled paper (Note: FSC trademarks © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.)

Elemental chlorine free, acid free and  Lignin-free.

Carbon neutral.

Manufactured by alternative energy sources.

Meet the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

To leave you with a thought, why not have your wedding stationery(save the dates, invitations and programs) designed with a note asking your guests to please recycle their pieces if not been saved as a keepsake?

Hope this has been helpful…….let us know what you think.  Till next time.

Alero Odele-Otaru